Silverdale School, like all schools, has a Governing Body.

We meet six times a year: three of those meeting are focused on our regular business, and our other three are focused on learning in detail about various aspects of school life.

The minutes of our meetings are public documents and are available on request via the school office.


To enable our learners to overcome the barriers of SEMH and to be ready for the world beyond Silverdale, equipped to achieve their goals in life.

A welcome from Silverdale School's Chair of Governors


Welcome to the Governing Body of Silverdale School and Commissioned Service. This document aims to provide an outline of what the Governors do, and to point you in the direction of further reading.

Silverdale School Governors


The Silverdale School Governing Body discussed publishing equality data on the website but due to the small size of the Governing Body the governors decided to opt out of publishing governors’ equality data.

National Governance Association


Silverdale school is a member of the National Governance Association. The NGA aims to represent all school governors and trustees in England and is an independent charity that aims to support and promote good governance.





As well as the main meetings of Govering Body, we have sub-committees who meet regularly.

Curriculum (CCAS) Committee

CCAS considers matters relating to curriculum, communication, safeguarding and admissions.

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee considers matters relating to staffing, premises and health & safety.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee reviews and agrees policies and statutory documents.

In addition, the Governors meet as needed to discuss performance management, pupil or staff discipline issues, complaints and appeals.



The Governors have three main roles. We are the key strategic decision making body for the school and help to set the long term strategic vision and ethos. We also decide the priorities that will help us achieve that vision We hold the Headteacher and senior leaders to account. We expect that they will promote excellent educational standards in school, and find ways to improve the performance of the school year on year. We are responsible for the financial performance of the school and for making sure that the money entrusted to us is well-spent in the best interests of the students.



- We believe that every person in our school is an individual of equal value and deserves to be treated with respect
- We believe that every decision we make and everything we do is to make life better for our pupils
- We believe that our role in managing behaviour is to enable our pupils to manage it for themselves
- We believe that every pupil must get the very best education so that they can reach their potential and have the future they deserve
- We believe that our school is exceptional, and our pupils deserve to have this recognised.



Our Welcome

- How to make each learner feel welcome, included and accepted
- How to ensure that learners and staff remain safe and secure in school
- How to celebrate differences and uniqueness
- How to foster outstanding relationships between staff and pupils
- How to ensure that learners are able to self regulate and are ready to learn
-How to create strong links with families/carers and multi-agency teams to provide an holistic support network for our learners.


Our Curriculum

-How to develop an holistic, rounded curriculum, that is challenging and accessible for all
-How the curriculum develops skills to promote good social, emotional and mental health
-How to support staff in developing innovative offerings in teaching & learning
-How to track progress and challenge ourselves to achieve the best outcomes for each learner
-How the curriculum is tailored to individuals to allow them to achieve their stated goals
-How we use assessment tools to make a timely determination of the right post Silverdale route for each learner


Our Career Offering – for pupils AND staff

-How we understand the needs and aspirations of each learner and enable them
-How we maximise success in each post-Silverdale placement
-How we provide effective and customised career guidance and work experiences
-How we provide exceptional career experiences and development for our staff
-How we develop strong, supportive team environments among all staff
-How we maximise staff wellbeing